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35 Passenger

Looking for a comfortable and spacious ride? Our premium coach buses are just what you need! With features like a premium sound system, air conditioning, light-up dance poles, disco lighting, and plush cushions, you'll be sure to make unforgettable memories. Book your ride today!

So many features on Iowa's best party bus
Wedding special for party buses in Iowa
Weekday special pricing for Iowa's best party bus
Weekend pricing for the nicest party bus in Iowa
Iowa's premium party bus, Ride the wagon
Iowa's highest rated and nicest party bus
Coach bus for parties and events located in Iowa
Coach bus rental in Iowa
Ride the wagon
Professional drivers on Iowas highest rated party bus
LED lights on Iowa's number one party bus
Disco Balls on Iowa's best party bus
Party bus with the best sound system in Iowa, AUX and bluetooth as well
Have fun with dance poles on Iowa's best party bus
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